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“Ipseity Hunt” aims to challenge traditional expectations surrounding gender identity through an exploration of the essence of androgyny. Supported by a series of editorial-natured portraits, the collection aims to showcase the fluidity and versatility of gender. By highlighting the fluidity of gender expression, the series aims to create a space for viewers to question their own preconceptions and embrace the beauty and complexity of identity. Through a process of experimentation and mutual exploration, the artists behind the work sought to challenge traditional ideologies, all while celebrating the elegance of expression. Composed of a combination of staged and candid images, the series captures the intersection of gender and identity, inviting the viewer to engage with the subject's journey of self-discovery. The collaborative approach allowed the makers to co-create images that authentically represent the perspective and portrayal of those longing for integrity. Depicting one in a moment of flux from so-called “binary boxes”, the collection showcases a liberation from stereotypes, demonstrating that gender is not a fixed, binary construct, but rather a fluid and constantly evolving concept. Striving to create a visual representation of the multiple facets of gender, as well as gruelling expectations of society, “Ipseity Hunt” hopes to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the complexities of perspective and portrayal.

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